On July 1, 2014, Ms. Miho Arimura (Nomura), GSICS Alumna and Education Consultant, delivered “Career Seminar on International Organizations” based on her international experiences at the UNICEF and World Bank. Ms. Arimura is a mother of two small children and talked about how she has developed her career at international organizations as a woman.

075Ms. Arimura shared with us her internship experience when she was a graduate student in GSICS, then she talked about her career at UNICEF, UNV and World Bank. She mentioned the importance of the ability to write, read, summarize, and communicate in English in order to work for international organizations. Moreover, she stressed that it was necessary to think ahead what supervisors want us to do and work efficiently. She also pointed out that we need to build up specialized skills and abilities to obtain a job at international organizations.

After her presentation, Ms. Arimura responded to each question patiently, even from participants who asked her about the career paths of women who have small children. Ms. Arimura’s career seminar was very meaningful not only for female students but also male students. We are extremely grateful to Ms. Arimura for her valuable time. Finally, we highly appreciate Professor Keiichi Ogawa who has arranged this seminar for us.

By Momoko Kishi

Category: Career Seminars