I worked as an intern at UNESCO Beijing Office from July 27th until October 27th. During the period of my internship, I assisted the program specialist as well as my colleagues in a variety of works, from which I gained a lot of experiences and skills that might be beneficial to my future study and work.

Regarding technical work, I was involved in education programs including Potential Youth Migrant Training Program in Anhui Province, Green TVET Program in Mongolia, post-secondary education development issues in the DPRK and EFA Mongolian Country Report 2015. Specifically, I assisted in updating data and collecting relevant information for preparation of Ms. Nozawa`s presentation at a workshop in the DPRK and Malaysia, translating related documents and doing proof-reading for the Potential Youth Migrants Program, revising and finalizing the EFA Mongolian Country Report 2015 and drafting news and articles for relevant activities. I was also involved in sexual education by undertaking following works: assisted in coordinating partners to participate relevant meetings and workshops, translating related documents and materials, attending meetings with colleagues at UNDP and taking minutes, and so as forth.

In addition to what have been mentioned above, I also assisted in some administrative works of the Office. I assisted in making request of various payments, scanning, copying and submitting documents and preparing for meetings and workshops held in the UNESCO Beijing Office, etc.

Through undertaking these works, I gained a basic understanding in the operations of an international organization like UNESCO, developed my academic capacity in terms of new trends and issues in education, improved my communication skills, teamwork, language and computer skills. I really appreciate that Prof. Ogawa could provide us with such a good internship opportunity by which both our professional capability as well as practice skills can be improved. I believe that this kind of opportunities is also beneficial to our job-hunting and future career.

Authored by Xiaoxiao JIA
Master’s Student

Category: Internships , Nurture Young Researchers