On Tuesday June 28, 2016, the Development Management Policy Seminar was held in the main conference room of Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) at Kobe University. The seminar focus was Challenges and Opportunities of Thai Education. In this seminar, two invited speakers named Dr. Kirati Khuvasanond and Dr. Suwithida Charungkaittikul from the Faculty of Education at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand shared their research findings. About twenty researchers including graduate students, participated with vigorous discussion.

Seminar by Dr. Kirati Khuvasanond and Dr. Suwithida CharungkaittikulIn the seminar, first of all Dr. Kirati Khuvasanond presented her research findings on Challenges and Opportunities on Thai Education: Issue of Elementary and Life Long Education. She discussed about the contemporary challenges, vision of basic education, core curriculum, learning standard, learners key competencies and learning assessment of Thai education. Later, Dr. Suwithida Charungkaittikul presented her research outcomes and commendations on Lifelong Education and Learning in Thailand. She also discussed about the contemporary challenges, concepts and issues of Thai present education systems, historical overview, vision, progress, policy of lifelong education and learning in Thailand and the lifelong learning society development. She also mentioned that Thailand is also facing the problem of aging society like Japan. Not only the roles of social institutions are hampering but also the quality education is threatening.

At the end the seminar, the participants were given opportunity to ask questions and comment to deepen their understanding and indulgent on the Thai education.

Authored by Md Jahangir Alam, Research Student

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