The 17th International Conference on Education Research (ICER) and International Education Development Forum (IEDF) were held at Seoul National University (SNU) from October 12 to 14, 2016 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Professor Ogawa and ten students from Ogawa Seminar participated as presenters at the Conference.

ICER and IEDF in Soeul, 2016ICER, an international conference organized by Education Research Institute at Seoul national University, is held annually with the objective of disseminating and supporting research in education as well as of building academic network within the Asia-Pacific region. This year, SNU also hosted IEDF, as one of the sub-sessions of ICER. Five of Ogawa Seminar students who participated in ICER also presented in IEDF. This Forum, pioneered initially by Professor Ogawa is a venue for selected universities – namely, Kobe University, SNU, Waseda University, Nagoya University and Hiroshima University – to gather and exchange knowledge and research findings on the theme of education development. ICER and IEDF provided an excellent opportunity for Ogawa Seminar students to receive valuable comments and feedback on their research proposals and findings, as well as to network extensively with professors and students from other universities.

The following are the presentations delivered by participants from Professor Ogawa’s Seminar listed in the alphabetical order for ICER and IEDF respectively.

International Conference on Education Research (ICER)

  • Choi, Seonkyung. “Effects of Vocational Education on Wage: Case of the Philippines”
  • Hui, Cao. “Rates of Return to Higher Education by Regions and Gender in Thailand”
  • Kim, Najung. “Situation Analysis of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in the Republic of Korea – With Focus on Enrolment Rate and Integration of Care and Education”
  • Lee, Jaeik. “The Impact of School Factor-related Incentives on Pupil’s Absenteeism in Ugandan Public Primary Schools”
  • Shumin, Li. ” Significance of Primary Education on Fertility, Case Study on Uganda”
  • Md Jahangir, Alam. “Budget for Quality Education in Bangladesh: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”
  • Nishihara, Rio. “Impact of Hidden Curriculum in Multilingual Education on Girl’s Education in Morocco”
  • Ogawa, Keiichi. “Financing for Early Childhood Care and Education in Asia and the Pacific”
  • Okamoto, Takao. “Effect of Conflict on Rate of Return to Education: Case of Timor-Leste”
  • Xu, Jun. “The Determinants of Transition from Middle School to Top Senior School in China”
  • Yungu, Bernard. “Household Decision Making Process and Its Impact on Basic School Attainment in the Democratic Republic of Congo”

International Education Development Forum (IEDF)

  • Lee, Jaeik. “The impact of school factor related incentives on pupil’s absenteeism in Ugandan public primary schools”
  • Nishihara, Rio. “Impact of Hidden Curriculum on Girl’s Education in Morocco”
  • Xu, Jun. “The Improvement of Education For Sustainable Development (ESD) in Japan : A case study of Kyoyama Junior High School”
  • Yanlin, Man. “Analysis of the impact of teacher characteristics on pupil’s academic performance in South Africa”
  • Yungu, Bernard. “The Analysis of Household Characteristics and its Impact on Basic School Attainment in the Democratic Republic of Congo”


(Authored by Najung Kim, Doctoral Student)

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